IR016 "Atrocious" LP

by Haemophagus

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released September 1, 2014

Giorgio - lead guitar & vocals
Gioele - lead guitar & backing vocals
Gas - bass
David - drums

David's drums and Gioele's guitars/backing vocals recorded and mixed by Umberto Furlan, Padova.
Giorgio's vocals/guitars and Gas' bass recorded by Pietro Pitingaro, Palermo. Everything done between February/March 2013.

Guest vocals by Dopi (MACHETAZO), Uchino (COFFINS and Dave (P.L.F.) recorded in La Coruña, Tokyo and Houston.

All songs and lyrics by Giorgio
Artwork by Marco Failla




Iconoclast Records Bologna, Italy

Iconoclast records is based in a small entrance hall in our house in Bologna, Italy.
We’re born in early 2009 from the ashes of PMC Records, AccidiaHC Records and NBP Records.
Iconoclast is a diy underground metal label focused on black metal, old school death metal, (funeral) doom metal, death doom. We’re also interested in some ambient, drone and folk music.
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Track Name: Partying at the Grave
Midnight meeting
The pack is going to rage

Brutal defilement
Messing with our loved ones at the grave

Bringin' back grannies
(They smell even better than before)

Games for the depraved
Mad fucking in a pool of splattered gore

Wandering cemeteries on merciless nights
To desecrate the rotting is our personal fight
We offer our souls unto a lustful decay
Twisted adoration of mortal remains

Partying at the grave!!!
(solo - Giorgio)

Fingering my auntie's decomposed cunt
My methods are sick and totally blunt
Worm-filled innards start to liquefy
We jump on them and turn this place into a pigsty

Some have bones that crumble in our hands
But the fattest and the freshest are the ones we demand
Playing with their scalps, moulding their fat
Human scarecrows for the graveyard bats

We are the craziest fucks
You could ever wish to meet
We'll shit on your memory and
Have parties inside your crypts!
Track Name: Atrocious
Morbid evisceration, bones are sawn
Licking up the marrow, your skeleton I shall draw
Sewn shut eyes and lips can't hold the pain
I chew your cartilage and feed on your brain

Mortified, caught into gore
Pierced cranium, cavities deflored
Legless, you crawl to the door
Crying, but you cannot implore

Severed to death
Carving your veins
Facing the dread
Splattered you'll die again

(solo - Giorgio)

Skin twists like molten wax and shivers horribly
Scavenging through this mound of flesh squirmed beyond belief
I realize I've always wanted to rejoice in mutilation
Isn't this a true work of love and dedication?
Track Name: Exaltation for a Dying Victim
Your poor life's hanging by a thread
Cut your skin to shreds, you'll be dead
Twisting in pain, drained of blood
Sewage and innards begin to flood

I trace the impure signs
Black dust unto my shrine
I invoke your agony
So you can whine just for me

Exaltation for a dying victim

With a knife I carve a foul spell
Hear in the distance the mortal knells
The vile reek your wounds emanate
Enraptures me in a web of hate

Consecrated offering
Morbid suffering
The soul Hell shall gain
Is worth the pleasure I obtain!
Track Name: Dismal Apparition
Through the misty veil
Of a twisted perception
A loathsome revelation
My death's unspeakable details

Come, see my repugnant destiny...

Frozen inside
Is it just a trick of my frail mind?
Alone, with decomposed thoughts
In the dark and left in rot

Amidst crooked trees I cannot escape
Cosmic terror descends
Agonizing as the presence takes shape
I await for my end

(solo - Gioele)
Track Name: Ice Cold Prey
Still I think of my hard-on at your funeral
A hairy warrior pushing with bloated balls
And while your friends laid flowers on your grave
I was wondering how to go all the way

Baby, I wanna make you mine
To love you
Won't be a waste of time
You know
That I'll be coming soon
Dig you up
And go on a honeymoon

Savour my cream
Upon your purplish face
Spend the night with me
And be my ice cold prey


(solo - Giorgio)

First it's
Hard to slide it in
But I'm sure
That this time I'll win
Her perfume
Is getting me stoned
Her dead slit
Is ready to get boned

Savour my cream
Upon your purplish face
Spend the night with me
And be my ice cold prey
Track Name: Surgeon of Immortality (Alfredo Salafia)
Death has won again
Her body shows grim shades of blue
Though she's dead, her eyes still behold...
A slight hypnotism
No way I can escape her perverse magnetism
I must preserve and keep her corpse
from the final decay...

Dead reek, deteriorated tissues
Putrefaction will be stopped
Formalin, alcohol, one part of glycerin
The compound is injected until the last drop
Bacteria and fungi cannot corrupt your beauty
Tissues are dried to endure the centuries

Body like a canvas, bound to be adored
Profaning nature, you will be reborn

(solo 1 - Gioele)
(solo 2- Giorgio)

Perpetual splendour, statuesque and calm
Gutted you are living, gorgeous and embalmed
Track Name: Siege of the Murderous Beasts
Hungry and remorseless
They control the town
Waiting in every corner
They will hunt you down

We are besieged
By the murderous beasts
Living deceased
On a devouring spree

Reign of the defuncts
We are their meat
Tormented spirits
They were sent to their maker but they've returned!

Was it a parasite from the stars?
Do they come from unseen quasars?
The truth was told ages ago
And now we see the horror as it unfolds

Everywhere...they call for blood!

(solo 1 - Gioele)
(solo 2 - Giorgio)
Track Name: Swollen with Parasites
The day breaks with a horrid omen
A swarming mass in your abdomen
Lumps are forming on your chest
Caused by unexpected guests

Small teeth eating through
Feasting on your open wounds
Feel 'em running in your guts
Easily, your skin, they cut

Swollen... with parasites
Track Name: Naked in the Snow
In the snow
At one with death

Fleshly limits
Blood on Ice
My body will not decay

(solo - Giorgio)

With frozen senses
I reach a different dimension
Enlightened way
Unending wisdom

Blood of ice
My body will not decay

(solo - Gioele)
Track Name: Chocked on a Cadaver's Dick
Horrifying trap for young, reckless maidens
A legendary horny corpse is thirsty for their hymens

Night after night many girls are ravished
Once they're in his tomb their tiny holes are punished

(solo - Giorgio)

The cock inside their throat inexorably swells
Apnoea, asphyxiation, no one lives to tell

Morbid tale of death nobody could explain
Another life is taken and fiendishly profane
Track Name: The Honourable Society of Black Sperm
We are counts and generals
Highly respected gentry
Politicians and cardinals
We're all fans of creative sodomy

For elitarian buggers
We have unique rendezvous
A club for prick lovers
Where the only law is "to get screwed"

Society of black sperm
There are anal values to reaffirm
Society of black sperm
Sleazy tales that will never be heard

A neoclassical palace
Home to a deputee
Some call it "the fortress"
On every wall a phallic effigy

See these old freaks of nature
Licking each other's balls
With their creaking dentures
They suck and spread sperm all over the hall

The bishop and the baroness
Engaged in a cock-fight
Decrepit and glabrous
Everybody takes part in this savage rite

Society of black sperm
There are anal values to reaffirm
Society of black sperm
Sleazy tales that will never be heard

A gang of twelve arrive to copulate, desecrate, and divaricate
Square and compasses used erotic tools
Assholes open to receive our drool
Prick in mouth and crucifix in hand
This is aristocracy's dreamland
Extreme sex is brought to perfection
Watch out for another steel erection

Inject the fluid right into the glands
And prepare for our unspeakable plans
Here we're making a sperm dessert
Delicious meal for the pervert
The president loves these delicacies
Bondage love without boundaries
Anally beaten like a drum
Drunk with power and load of cum

(solo - Gioele)

Society of black sperm
There are anal values to reaffirm
Society of black sperm
Sleazy tales that will never be heard
Track Name: From the Sunken Citadel...
Buried but dreaming
Submerged scourge
The low frequencies of the deep

The powers that created
Its timeless constructions
Are only resting
Enshrouded, they await

Unmoving heart
of the Netherworld
Fragment of a sullen art
Unknown to mortal man

Into the shrines
Of the outer breed
Universal knowledge
To which we are blind

...From the sunken citadel they will arrive
Their time is at hand
Galaxies and complete void will be intertwined
Our finite minds imploding at their command...